Oilon Boiler Type Labelling: Read Your Boiler label properly

Oilon Boiler Type Labelling
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The type labelling for Oilon boilers includes mono block and duoblock burners suitable for various heating systems. Oilon offers a wide range of burners suitable for warm and hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot air generators, and other process heating applications.

We will delve into the specifics of Oilon boiler type labelling, providing comprehensive insights into its significance and implications. Understanding the type labelling is crucial for optimizing the performance and longevity of Oilon boilers in diverse heating environments.

Understanding Oilon Boiler Type Labelling

Understanding the Oilon Boiler labeling is crucial for accurate operation and maintenance. The importance of accurate labeling cannot be overstated as it ensures proper functioning and safety. Key components of Oilon boiler labeling include the burner models, type of marking, and the suitability for various heating systems. Additionally, the type labeling is essential for warm and hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot air generators, and various types of process heating, reinforcing the significance of proper identification. It is important to refer to the Oilon boiler type labeling manual to ensure correct installation and usage, and to have access to Oilon boiler type labeling diagram for troubleshooting and spare parts reference.

Oilon Boiler Type Labelling: Explained

Oilon Boiler Type Labelling

Label element 1: Fuel

KPLight fuel oil
RPHeavy fuel oil
GKPGas, light fuel oil
GRPGas, heavy fuel oil

Label Element 2: Burner frame size categorization

50… 1200Higher value = higher capacity

Label element 3: Method of control

MHModulating gas, two-stage oil
MEModulating with a separate fan

Label element 4: Burner capacity size categorization

-, I, II, IIIHigher value = higher capacity

Label element 5: Control system (additional code):

LAL,LOK, LFL,LGKMechanical regulation

Label element 6: NOx-emissions (additional code)

LN60LN60 = 60mg/kWh
LN80LN80 = 80mg/kWh

Label element 7: Combustion head length (additional code)

-, C1, C2, C3Combustion head length C only in use in LN80-burners.

Oilon Boiler Name Plate Labeling details

Reading and interpreting labeling information is crucial for understanding the specifications and requirements of a boiler. Always pay attention to details such as model numbers, fuel type, and safety certifications. Common labeling mistakes to avoid include inaccurate information, missing labels, or illegible printing, which can lead to safety hazards. It’s important to identify and correct improper labeling to ensure compliance with regulations and to prevent any operational issues. Regularly checking and updating the labeling on your boiler will help in maintaining safety and efficiency.

Oilon name plate labaling
Oilon name plate labeling
1Burner type: KP = Light fuel oil RP = Heavy fuel oil GP = Gas GKP = Light fuel oil and gas GRP = Heavy fuel oil and gas10Serial number
2NOx classes, gas11Year of manufacture
3NOx class, oil12Heat input, gas, kW
4Burner category : I2R = natural gas I3R = liquefied petroleum gas13Heat input, light fuel oil, kg/h
5Gas families: 2 = groups H and E | 3 = group P14Gas pressure min, mbar
6Oil quality / viscosity15Gas pressure max, mbar
7Supply voltage, input power and current, V / Hz / A / kW16CE marking and certification institute code
8Manufacturer address17PIN code (gas burner)
9Degree of protection, IP18Countries of destination


What Are The Different Types Of Oilon Boilers Available?

Oilon offers a range of boilers including monoblock and duoblock burners to suit various heating needs. They are suitable for warm and hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot air generators and other types of process heating.

How Do I Interpret The Type Labeling Of Oilon Boilers?

The type labeling of Oilon boilers provides specific information about the boiler type, which can be useful for maintenance and operational purposes. It includes details about the burner model, operation, and maintenance procedures.

What Are The Key Features Of Oilon Monoblock And Duoblock Burners?

Oilon monoblock and duoblock burners are designed for efficient and reliable performance. They feature precise combustion control, high energy efficiency, and are suitable for various heating applications like warm and hot water boilers, steam boilers, and hot air generators.

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