Alarms in Gardner Denver Compressor

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The Purpose of Alarms in Compressors

Alarms in Gardner Denver Compressor are an integral part of modern compressor systems. They serve as early warning mechanisms, alerting operators to potential issues before they escalate into significant problems. This preventive approach not only enhances safety but also ensures the longevity of the equipment. By monitoring critical parameters, alarms help in maintaining optimal performance and avoiding costly downtime.

Alarm Code list

CodeAdditional Info
AWarning: Oil filter service due
EWarning: Annual service due
SStart inhibit
RRun inhibit

What is Start Inhibit (S)

A start inhibit is a fault condition that may present a danger or cause damage to the compressor if it is started while that condition is present.

  • Prevents compressor start if a potentially damaging condition exists
  • Only triggered when attempting to start from “ready” state
  • Self-resets once condition clears
  • Displayed but not logged in fault log


CodeTextAdditional Info
S:3500Start inhibitStart inhibit: door open
S:3600Start inhibitStart inhibit: Function disabled in Q1 CC1 software

What is Run Inhibit (R)

Run Inhibit (R) alarm holds the compressor in standby rather than shutting it down, and automatically clears itself once the condition is resolved.

  • ¬†Prevents compressor from running if a potentially damaging condition exists
  • Only triggered during a start sequence
  • Self-resets but holds compressor in standby until condition clears
  • Displayed but not logged.


CodeTextAdditional Info
R:3123PD TEMP LowRun inhibit: Compressor outlet temperature low
R:3137INT PRESS highRun inhibit: Internal pressure high

What is Shutdown Fault (E)

Shutdown Fault is a serious fault condition that will automatically cause the compressor to shut down to prevent damage. And it requires manual intervention by an operator to reset the fault after the underlying issue is addressed

  • A condition that could damage the compressor if it persists
  • Causes the controller to stop/shutdown the compressor
  • Must be manually reset after condition is resolved


CodeTextAdditional Info
E:4816Oil serviceImmediate stop: Oil service due
E:4806Air filter SERVImmediate stop: Air filter service due

What is Advisory/Maintenance Alarm (A)

Advisory/Maintenance Alarm signals a non-critical condition that requires attention, such as an abnormal sensor reading or that maintenance is due

– Does not indicate immediate danger.

– Does not shut down the compressor or affect its normal operation.

– Indicates need for maintenance or that a sensor reading is high.


CodeTextAdditional Info
A:4807Oil filter SERVWarning: Oil filter service due
A:4821Annual serviceWarning: Annual service due

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