List of private power generation company in Bangladesh

List of private power generation company in Bangladesh
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Baraka Power Limited is a private sector power generation company in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) is the largest power distribution company in the country. Find List of private power generation company in Bangladesh.

Understanding Private Power Generation

Private power generation companies in Bangladesh play a crucial role in meeting the country’s growing energy demands. These companies are privately owned and are responsible for generating electricity through various means. One such company is Baraka Power Limited, which is actively involved in the power sector.

Another important aspect to consider is the cost of power generation in Bangladesh. Ramping up clean energy sources can help reduce reliance on conventional methods and decrease costs. When it comes to power distribution, Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) is the leading public limited company managing electricity distribution in the Dhaka City Corporation area.

Additionally, the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) is the largest institution in the power sector, overseeing various aspects of power distribution. Overall, these private power generation companies, along with the BPDB, are instrumental in ensuring a steady supply of electricity in Bangladesh.

What is Ipp Cell (Independent Power Producer)

Understand the Independent Power Producer (IPP cell) which plays a crucial role in private power generation in Bangladesh. The IPP cell is responsible for overseeing and regulating the activities of private power generation companies. These companies are an essential component of the power sector in Bangladesh, contributing to the country’s energy security and economic growth.

By diversifying the sources of power generation, private companies help reduce the country’s dependence on traditional energy sources. Some prominent private power generation companies in Bangladesh include Baraka Power Limited, Summit Power Ltd, North West Power Generation Company Ltd, and Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh Limited.

These companies are actively involved in power generation, transmission, and distribution, furthering the nation’s goal of achieving a sustainable and reliable energy supply. Their contributions play a significant role in meeting the growing energy demand of Bangladesh.

What is Quick Rental Power Producer(RPP) In Bangladesh

RPPs are private power generation companies that provide emergency power supply on a short-term rental basis.

These companies are enlisted by the government to ensure uninterrupted power supply during peak demand periods or in case of any power shortage. The RPPs in Bangladesh are regulated by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and need to follow strict guidelines to ensure the quality and reliability of the power supply.

List Of Private Power Generation Company in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are several private companies involved in power generation. Some of these companies include Baraka Power Limited, Summit Power Ltd, and United Power Generation & Distribution Company Ltd.

The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) is another significant institution in the power sector and is the largest power distribution company in Bangladesh. These companies contribute to the overall development and growth of the power sector in the country.

Summit Power Limited

Summit Power Limited is a prominent player in the power generation industry in Bangladesh. They operate several power plants across the country, contributing to the country’s power generation capacity. One of their notable power plants is Summit Bibiana-2, located in Sylhet, which runs on gas and has a capacity of 341 MW. Another gas-based power plant is the Meghnaghat CCPP (Summit) in Naryanganj, with a capacity of 305 MW.

Summit Power Limited also operates power plants that run on heavy fuel oil (HFO). The Madanganj power plant in Naryanganj has six units, generating a total of 102 MW. In Barisal, Summit Power has a 110 MW power plant that also runs on HFO. Additionally, they have gas-based power plants in Jangalia (Comilla), Madhabdi, Ashulia, and Comilla, with capacities ranging from 33 MW to 45 MW.

The company’s commitment to power generation is evident in their diverse portfolio of power plants. Summit Power Limited operates the Summit Gazipur power plant, running on HFO, with 18 units and a total capacity of 300 MW. They also have the Summit Kodda power plant in Gazipur, which has a capacity of 149 MW and operates using HFO.

Operating Assets under Summit Power

  1. Summit Meghnaghat Power Company Limited
  2. Summit Bibiyana Power Company Limited
  3. Gazipur I Power Plant
  4. Narayanganj Power Plant II
  5. Ashulia Power Plant II
  6. Narayanganj Power Plant I
  7. Maona Power Plant
  8. Madhabdi Power Plant II
  9. Jangalia Power Plant
  10. Chandina Power Plant II
  11. Rupganj Power Plant
  12. Ullapara Power Plant
  13. Ashulia Power Plant I
  14. Chandina Power Plant I
  15. Madhabdi Power Plant I

United Power

United Power is a well-established private power generation company in Bangladesh, known for its significant contributions to the country’s overall electricity generation capacity. With a focus on supplying uninterrupted electricity to industrial and commercial consumers, United Power has cemented its position as a prominent player in the energy sector.

Operating multiple power plants, United Power primarily utilizes natural gas for electricity generation.

Aside from their commitment to power generation, United Power also actively contributes to the sustainable development of Bangladesh.

United Power’s dedication to serving the nation’s power needs extends beyond their operational excellence. They actively participate in community outreach programs, supporting educational initiatives, healthcare facilities, and other social welfare projects.

Captive Plant Assets under United power

  3. Leviathan Global BD Ltd

Operating Assets under

  3. United Energy Limited 53 MW
  4. United Energy Limited 28 MW

Bangla Track Group

Bangla Track Group, a prominent player in various sectors in Bangladesh, including power generation, plays a vital role in the country’s electricity supply. The group operates power plants that contribute significantly to meeting the nation’s energy demands. With a strong emphasis on clean and sustainable energy sources, Bangla Track Group prioritizes using renewable resources for power generation.

Safety and environmental standards are at the core of the group’s operations. Their power plants adhere to stringent regulations to ensure the well-being of both workers and the surrounding ecosystem. By implementing advanced technologies and best practices, Bangla Track Group ensures that their power plants operate efficiently and without compromising safety or the environment.

Looking ahead, Bangla Track Group actively explores opportunities for expanding its presence in the power sector. By staying ahead of industry trends and developments, the group remains at the forefront of innovation and growth. With a commitment to the nation’s future, Bangla Track Group continues to contribute to Bangladesh’s secure and sustainable energy landscape.

Orion group

The Orion Group is a diversified conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including power generation. With a focus on delivering reliable and cost-effective electricity, the group operates power plants that utilize different energy sources such as natural gas and coal. This ensures a diverse and sustainable approach to meeting the country’s growing demand for power.

  1. Orion Power Meghnaghat Ltd.
  2. Dutch Bangla Power & Associates Ltd.
  3. Digital Power & Associates Ltd.
  4. Orion Power Dhaka Ltd.
  5. Orion Power Dhaka Unit-2 Ltd.
  6. Orion Power Rupsha Ltd.
  7. Orion Power Sonargaon Ltd

Doreen group

Doreen Group is a prominent player in the power sector of Bangladesh, operating power plants that contribute significantly to the country’s electricity generation capacity. This group focuses on utilizing clean energy sources for sustainable power generation, emphasizing the importance of environmental friendliness and reducing carbon emissions. Doreen Group is dedicated to adopting technological advancements and ensuring operational excellence in its power plants. By investing in advanced equipment and implementing efficient processes, the group aims to maximize energy output while minimizing waste. Additionally, Doreen Group actively participates in the development of the power sector in Bangladesh, collaborating with government bodies, other industry players, and stakeholders to drive progress and meet the growing demand for electricity in the country.

Hosaaf Group

Hosaaf Group, a prominent player in the power sector of Bangladesh, operates multiple power plants across the country. These power plants, strategically located in different regions, contribute significantly to the country’s energy production. Hosaaf Group focuses on renewable energy sources for sustainable power generation, aligning with the global shift towards cleaner and greener alternatives.


One notable project of S.alam Group is the Banshkhali Power Plant in Chittagong, which has a capacity of generating over 1500 MW power. This power plant, developed in collaboration with China, utilizes advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure efficient and reliable power generation.

Mohammodi Group

Mohammodi Group is a prominent player in the power plant industry in Bangladesh. Their power plants play a crucial role in meeting the country’s energy demand. The group emphasizes the use of renewable energy sources for power generation, contributing to sustainable development. Strategically located in various cities like Dhaka and Chittagong, Mohammodi Group’s power plants ensure efficient distribution of electricity throughout the country.

With a focus on renewable energy, Mohammodi Group contributes significantly to Bangladesh’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability. By harnessing resources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, they not only generate clean energy but also reduce dependency on fossil fuels. This aligns with the government’s vision to diversify the energy mix and reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources.

One of the notable achievements of Mohammodi Group is their contribution to Bangladesh’s energy security. By establishing power plants in key locations, they ensure a steady supply of electricity to industries, businesses, and households. This enhances the resilience of the power grid and minimizes the risk of power shortages. Furthermore, their power plants support economic growth by providing a reliable source of energy for industrial development and job creation.

In conclusion, Mohammodi Group’s presence in the power plant industry in Bangladesh is significant. Their emphasis on renewable energy sources, strategic location of power plants, and contributions to the country’s energy security make them a key player in driving sustainable development and meeting the growing energy needs of Bangladesh.

APR Energy

APR Energy, a major player in the power plant sector in Bangladesh, operates power plants that utilize a diverse range of energy sources. With their significant capacity, these power plants play a vital role in meeting the country’s energy needs. APR Energy also focuses on incorporating renewable energy technologies into its power generation processes, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices. By integrating renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, APR Energy contributes to the overall development of Bangladesh’s power infrastructure. Their efforts not only support the country’s growing energy demands but also promote the use of clean and environmentally friendly energy sources. In collaboration with the power division of Bangladesh, APR Energy aims to enhance the country’s power supply and reduce its dependence on traditional fossil fuels. Through strategic investments and partnerships, they contribute to the diversification of energy sources, making Bangladesh’s power grid more resilient and sustainable.

Max Group

Max Group, a well-established name in the power plant industry in Bangladesh, plays a crucial role in ensuring a stable power supply throughout the country. With strategically located power plants in different regions of Bangladesh, Max Group caters to the energy needs of various areas. These power plants are equipped with advanced technologies that enable efficient power generation.

Confidence Group

Confidence Group is a prominent player in the power plant sector of Bangladesh, contributing significantly to the country’s energy production. With a focus on incorporating renewable energy sources, Confidence Group’s power plants are at the forefront of sustainable power generation. These power plants are strategically located in various cities, including Dhaka and Chittagong, ensuring widespread access to electricity.

  1. Confidence Power Bogra Ltd.
  2. Confidence Power Bogra Unit 2 Ltd.
  3. Confidence Power Rangpur Ltd.
  4. Zodiac Power Chittagong Ltd.
  5. Confidence Oil & Shipping Ltd.

One of the notable aspects of Confidence Group’s power plants is their reliable and efficient performance. Through the utilization of advanced technologies and robust infrastructure, they consistently deliver high-quality power to meet the demands of the nation. This reliability is vital for supporting economic growth and development in Bangladesh.

Baraka Group

Baraka Group is a prominent player in the power plant sector of Bangladesh. With their substantial capacity for power generation, Baraka Group has established itself as a key contributor to the country’s energy production. They prioritize the incorporation of renewable energy technologies to ensure sustainable power production. Their strategic power plant locations in cities like Dhaka and Chittagong further enhance their efficiency and accessibility.

In conclusion, Baraka Group’s presence in the power plant sector of Bangladesh is invaluable. Their focus on incorporating renewable energy technologies, strategic location choices, and substantial power generation capacity make them an essential contributor to Bangladesh’s energy landscape. Through their efforts, they are shaping the future of sustainable and reliable power generation in the country.

List Of Private Power Plants in Bangladesh

NoPlant Name & locationCapacityFuelNos In datails
1RPCL CCPP, Mymensing,210mw,GasGas turbine 4x35mw+ Steam turbine 1x70mw
2Horipur Power CCPP,Narayanganj,360mw,GasGas turbine 1x235mw+ Steam turbine 1x125mw
3Meghnaghat CCPP, Narayanganj,450mw,GasGas turbine 2*150+ Steam turbine1x150
4Ashuganj (Midland),Ashuganj, B-Baria51mw,GasGas engine 6×9.34mw
5Ashuganj Modular 195 MW, Ashuganj, B-Baria195mw,GasGas engine 20*9.73mw +Steam turbine 1*16
6Ghorasal (Regent), Narsingdi108mw,GasGas engine 34×3.35mw
7Summit Bibiana-2, Sylhet341mwGasGas turbine 1x222mw+ Steam turbine1x119mw
8Kushiara 163MW CCPP, Sylhet163mwGasGas turbine 1×109+ Steam turbine1x54
9Sembcorb CCPP Unit-4, Sirajganj414mwGasGas turbine 1x282mw + Steam turbine 1x132mw
10Meghnaghat CCPP(Summit), Naryanganj305mwGasGas turbine 2x110mw +Steam turbine 1×110
11Zodiac 54.363MW (Zodiac Power54.363mwHFO 
12Madanganj 55MW, Naryanganj55mwHFOHFO Fried Engine 5×17.08mw + Steam turbine 1×11.3mw
13Southern Power, Nababganj55mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 3×19.3mw
14Northern Power, Manikganj55mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 3×19.3mw
15Malancha, EPZ (United), Chattogrammw,GasGas engine 5×8.73mw+ Gas engine 3×9.34mw
16Bera, Sirajgonj71mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 9x 8.29mw
17Jamalpur IPP, Jamalpur95mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.924mw
18Hathazari, Chittagong98mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 11×8.9mw
19Acorn Juldah Unit-3, Chattogram100mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 8×13.545mw
20Acorn Julda-2, Chattogram100mw,HFO 
21Meghnaghat (IEL), Naryanganj100mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.79mw
22Siddirganj (Dutch Bangla), Naryanganj100mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.79mw
23Power Pac Mutiara, Keranigonj, Dhaka100mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 8×13.45mw
24Julda (Acorn), Chattogram100mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 8×13.45mw
25Dohazari-Kalaish, Chittagong102mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6×17.0mw
26Gagnagar (Orion), Naryanganj102mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.924mw
27Madanganj (Summit), Naryanganj102mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6x17mw
28Chapainababganj Peaking104mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.924mw
29Orion Sonargaon Power Ltd., Narayanganj104mw,HFO 
30Modhumati Power Plant, Bagerhat105mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6 x 18.415mw
31Gazipur (RPCL), Gazipur105mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6×17.5mw
32Orion Labon Chora 105 MW. Khulna105mw,HFOWartsila HFO Fried Engine 6×18.415mw
33Baraka Shikalbaha Power limited, Chattogram105mw,HFOWartsila HFO Fried Engine 6×18.415mw
34Bangla Trac, Doudkandi, Comilla200mw,HSDDiesel Engine 99 x1.4mw+ Diesel Engine 40×1.5mw+ Diesel Engine 15*1.05mw
35Bangla Trac, Noapara, Jessore100mw,HSDDiesel Engine 70×1.4mw+Disel Engine 7×1.515mw
36Aggreco100 MW, Bramhangoan, Keraniganj100mw,HSDDisel Engine 23×0.85mw+Disel Engine 91×0.959mw
37Aggreco100MW, Aourahati,Keraniganj100mw,HSDDisel Engine 23×0.85mw +Disel Engine 91×0.959mw
38APR Energy , Keranigonj300mw,HSDDisel Engine 256×1.4
39Paramount 200MW Baghabari, Sirajganj200mw,HSDDisel Engine 135×1.6mw
40ECPV, Chittagong108mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 16x7mw
41Bosila 108MW (CLC), Keraniganj108mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×8.775+ Steam turbine1x3.5
42Gopalganj109mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine16x6.98
43Summit Barisal 110 MW, Barisal110mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine7x17.076
44Karnafuli power Limited, Patia, chittagong,110mw,HFOWartsilla HFO Fried Engine 6 x 18.415mw
45Confidence Power U-2 Bagura113mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6×18.55
46Confidence 113 MW, Rangpur113mw,HFO 
47Confidence Power Unit-1,Bogra113mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 6×80.55mw + Steam turbine2 ×3.5mw
48HF Power Ltd. , Feni113mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12 x 9.78mw
49Feni Lanka Power Ltd., Feni114mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 1 x 9.78+ wartsilla HFO Fried Engine 6 x 18.415mw
50Barabkunda (Regent), Chattogram22mw,GasGas engine 8×2.90mw
51Doreen 22 MW, Feni22mw,GasGas engine 8×2.90mw
52Jangalia (Summit), Comilla33mw,GasGas engine 4×8.73mw
53Doreen 22 MW, Tangail22mw,GasGas engine 8×2.90mw
54Narshingdi (Doreen)22mw,GasGas engine 8×2.90mw
55Madhabdi (Summit)35mw,GasGas engine 3×3.67mw +Gas engine 3×8.73
56Ashulia (Summit)45mw,Gas3×3.67+4×8.73
57Maona (Summit)33mw,Gas4×8.73
58Rupganj (Summit)33mw,Gas4×8.73
59Feni, Mohipal (Doreen)11mw,Gas4×2.90
60Summit Power, Comilla25mw,Gas3×3.67+2×6.97
61Hobiganj (Confidence-EP)11mw,Gas4×2.90
62Ullapara (Summit)11mw,Gas4×2.90
64Midland East 150MW, Ashuganj150mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 23×7.015mw
65United 200MW, Mymensingh200mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 21×9.780mw
66Desh energy 200 MW, Chandpur200mw,HFOWartsillla HFO Fried Engine 12×18.415mw
67Summit Gazipur300mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 18×17.076mw
68Ghorasal 78.5MW (Max), Narsingdi78mw,Gas2×40
69Ashuganj (United), B-Baria53mw,Gas14×4.00
70Bhola (Aggreko)95mw,Gas96×1.15
71United 115 MW, Jamalpur115mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 12×9.87mw
72Khulna (KPCL-II) , Khulna115mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 7x17mw
73Kodda, Gazipur149mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 9×17.06mw
74Summit Kodda 149MW, Gazipur149mw,HFOHFO Fried Engine 8×18.415+Steam turbine 1×8.97mw
75Venture 34.5 MW, Bhola56mw,GasEngine: 4×6.0 Turbine: 1×32.0
76Enegyprima, Sylhet50mw,Gas27×2.0
77Engergyprima. Bogra20mw,Gas5×3.3+5×2.0
78Precision, Ashuganj60mw,Gas15×4.0
79Energyprima, Fenchuganj44mw,Gas12×3.3+5×2.0
80GBB, Bogra23.256mw,Gas6×3.876
81Barakatullah, Fenchuganj55.14mw,Gas19×2.902
82Shajibazar (Hobiganj)92.8mw,Gas32×2.90
83Desh, Kumargaon, Sylhet11.7mw,Gas6×1.95


Which Is The Private Sector Power Generation Company Of Bangladesh?

The private sector power generation company in Bangladesh is Baraka Power Limited.

How Much Does Power Generation Cost In Bangladesh?

The cost of power generation in Bangladesh varies.

Who Is The Power Distributor In Bangladesh?

The power distributor in Bangladesh is the Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC).

Which Is The Largest Power Distribution Company In Bangladesh?

The largest power distribution company in Bangladesh is the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).

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