Energy Giants: A List of Power plant in Bangladesh

List Of Power Plant In Bangladesh
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Are you looking for a comprehensive list of power plant in Bangladesh? Look no further! In this blog, we provide an overview of the Govt owend energy structure in Bangladesh and classify all the power plants operating in the country. Whether you are a student studying energy structures or an industry professional looking for detailed information about the list of power plants in Bangladesh, this blog is for you. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of power plants in Bangladesh together!

BPDB owned Govt Power plant List

SLPlant nameFuel typeUnitCapcity
1Ghorasal ST:Unit- 1, NarsingdiGas1 x 5555
Ghorasal ST:Unit -2 ,NarsingdiGas1 x 5555
Ghorasal ST:Unit -3,NarsingdiGas1 x 210210
Ghorasal ST:Unit -4, NarsingdiGas1 x 210210
Ghorasal ST:Unit -5, NarsingdiGas1 x 210210
2Ghorasal CCPP:Unit -7, NarsingdiGas1 x 243+1 x 122365
3Tongi GT, DhakaGas1 x 105105
4Horipur GT: Unit-1, NarayanganjGas1 x 3232
5Shiddirganj ST, NarayanganjGas1 x 210210
6Chittagong ST:Unit -1, ChittagongGas1 x 210210
Chittagong ST:Unit -2, ChittagongGas1 x 210210
7Shikalbaha Peaking GT, ChittagongGas1 x 150150
8Shikalbaha 225MW CCPP, ChittagongGas/HSD1×150+1×75225
9Chandpur CCPP, ChandpurGas1X106+1×57163
10Fenchuganj CCPP-1, shylhetGas2×32+1×3397
11Fenchuganj CCPP-2, shylhetGas2×35+1×35104
12Shajibazar GT:Unit-8,9 , shylhetGas2×3570
13Sylhet 150 MW, shylhetGas1×142231
14Sylhet GT, shylhetGas1 x 2020
15Baghabari GT: Unit-2, SirajgonjGas1 x 100100
Baghabari GT: Unit-1, SirajgonjGas1 x 7171
16Bhola CCPP GT-1,2,ST , BholaGas2×63+1×68194
17Shahjibazar 330MW CCPP, HabigonjGas2×110+1×110330
18Kaptai Hydro:Unit -1, RangamatiHydro1×4040
Kaptai Hydro:Unit -2, RangamatiHydro1×4040
Kaptai Hydro:Unit -3, RangamatiHydro1×5050
Kaptai Hydro:Unit -4, RangamatiHydro1×5050
Kaptai Hydro:Unit -5, RangamatiHydro1×5050
19Barapukuria ST:Unit -1, DinajpurCoal1 x 125125
Barapukuria ST:Unit -2, DinajpurCoal1 x 125125
20Barapukuria ST:Unit -3, DinajpurCoal1 x 275274
21Titas (Daudkandi), ComillaHFO6×8.9252
24Baghabari, SirajgonjHFO6×8.952
25Bera, SirajgonjHFO9×8.2971
26Dohazari-Kalaish, ChittagongHFO6×17.0102
27Hathazari, ChittagongHFO11×8.998
28Katakhali Peaking, RajshahiHFO6×8.750
29Santahar Peaking, BograHFO6×8.750
30Chapainababganj PeakingHFO12×8.924104
31Bheramara GT: Unit-3, KustiaHSD1 x 2020
32Rangpur GTHSD1 x 2020
33Syedpur GT, NilfamariHSD1 x 2020
34Bibiana-iii  400 MW CCPP, ShylhetGas1 x 400400
35Kaptai 7MW Solar PP, RangamatiSolar 7
36Bibiyana South 400 MWGas1 x 400400
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BPDB, the state-owned power generation and distribution company in Bangladesh, plays a crucial role in meeting the country’s growing demand for electricity. With a focus on providing reliable and affordable power to the nation, PDB is committed to ensuring a stable power supply for both industrial and domestic consumers.

In line with the government’s vision, PDB has been working towards utilizing Bangladesh’s vast mineral resources for power generation. In recent years, they have successfully implemented projects using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel. These initiatives have not only increased the overall power generation capacity but have also reduced the environmental impact.

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Ashuganj Power Station Company

SLPlant NameFuel typeUnitCapacity
1Ashuganj ST:Unit-3, Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1 x 150150
Ashuganj ST:Unit-4, Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1150
Ashuganj ST:Unit-5, Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1150
2Ashuganj Engines, Ashuganj, B-BariaGas14×3.96853
3Ashuganj CCPP 225MW, Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1 x 145+1×80223
4Ashuganj CCPP (South), Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1 x 373373
5Ashuganj CCPP (North), Ashuganj, B-BariaGas1 x 360360

One of the units at Ashuganj Power Station is Ashuganj ST:Unit-3, which is a 150MW Gas Turbine unit. It is located in Ashuganj and plays a crucial role in meeting the energy demands of the region. Similarly, Ashuganj ST:Unit-4 and Ashuganj ST:Unit-5 are also Gas Turbine units with a capacity of 150MW each.

In addition to these gas turbine units, Ashuganj Power Station Company also operates Ashuganj Engines, which consists of 14 gas engine units with a total capacity of 53MW. These engines contribute to the overall power generation capacity in the area.

Another significant List of Power plant in Bangladesh under Ashuganj Power Station Company is Ashuganj CCPP. It consists of two units, combining a 140MW gas turbine and an 80MW steam turbine, resulting in a total capacity of 225MW. This combined cycle power plant is located in Ashuganj and provides a reliable source of electricity.

Ashuganj CCPP (South) is another power plant operated by Ashuganj Power Station Company. It has a capacity of 373MW and utilizes a gas turbine for power generation. Similarly, Ashuganj CCPP (North) has a capacity of 360MW and operates with a gas turbine.

Electric Generation Company Bangladesh EGCB

SLPlant NameFuelUnitCapaciy
1Shiddirganj GT:Unit-1&2, NarayanganjGas2 x 105mw210
2Shiddirganj CCPP GT, NarayanganjGas1 x 218+1 x 117335
3Haripur CCPP, NarayanganjGas1 x 273+1×139412
Sub-Total (EGCB)957


SLPlant NameFuelUnitCapacity
1Sirajganj CCPP Unit-1, SirajganjGas1×150 + 1×75214
2Sirajganj CCPP Unit-2, SirajganjGas1×150 + 1×75220
3Sirajganj CCPP Unit-3, SirajganjGas1×141+1×79220
4Bharamara 360 MW CCPP, KushtiaGas1 x 278+1 x 132410
5Modhumati Power Plant, BagerhatHFO6 x 18.415105
6Khulna  CCPP, KhulnaHSD1×150 + 1×75230
Sub-Total (NWPGCL)  1399

Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL)

SLPlant nameFuelUnitCapacity
1Gazipur (RPCL), GazipurHFO6×8.952
2Gazipur (RPCL), GazipurHFO6×17.5105
3Raozan (RPCL), ChattogramHFO3×8.925.5
Sub-Total (RPCL)  182.5


SLPlant nameFuelUnitCapacity
1BPPCL Coal Power plant, PayraCoal1×622622
2Kodda, Gazipur HFO9×17.06149
Sub-Total (RPCL)  182.5

The BPDB-RPCL JV is a significant power plant in Bangladesh. Located in Kodda, Gazipur, it operates on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and consists of nine units with a combined capacity of 149 MW. This joint venture between the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and the Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) plays a crucial role in meeting the country’s power needs.

Another Notable List of Power plant in Bangladesh is the BPPCL Coal Power plant in Payra, known as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). It operates on coal and has a capacity of 622 MW. With its advanced technology and contribution to the power sector, this coal-based power plant plays a key role in ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply in the country.

List of power plant in Bangladesh

Over view for the List of Power plant in Bangladesh

There are total 55 Govt owned Power plants operating in Bangladesh with total Capacity of 10758.5MW .

This List of Power plant in Bangladesh collected In October 2023.

Bangladesh’s energy structure encompasses a diverse range of power plants, each contributing to the country’s electricity generation. As the demand for energy continues to grow, the power sector in Bangladesh plays a crucial role in meeting this need. Power plants are strategically located across various regions of the country, including Chittagong and Dhaka.

Within Bangladesh, both large-scale and small-scale power plants are operational. These plants employ different technologies and fuel sources to generate electricity. Some of the notable types of power plants include nuclear, coal-fired, oil and gas-fired thermal, gas turbines, gas engines, hydroelectric, solar PV, and combined cycle plants. Each of these power plant types has its unique characteristics and advantages.

Furthermore, several companies play a significant role in the power sector of Bangladesh, such as United Anwara Power Ltd., United Ashuganj Energy Ltd., United Chattogram Power Ltd., and United Energy Ltd. Additionally, there are projects like KPCL I, KPCL II, and KPCL III that contribute to the power generation capacity of the country.

With this diverse mix of power plants and ongoing projects, Bangladesh is working towards ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply. The development of solar parks, street lights, charging stations, and biogas plants demonstrates the country’s commitment to exploring renewable energy sources and reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

In conclusion, List of Power plant in Bangladesh form a vital component of the country’s energy infrastructure. They play a key role in meeting the growing energy demand and are located strategically across different regions. With a mix of large-scale and small-scale power plants, Bangladesh is striving towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future.


How many gas-based power plants are there in Bangladesh?

There are total 68 gas based Power plants in Bangladesh which include CCPP ang Gas reciprocating Engine bases.

Are there any plans for expanding the coal-fired power plants in Bangladesh?

Yes, there are ongoing plans to expand coal-fired power plants to meet the growing energy demands of the country.

What is the significance of renewable energy projects in Bangladesh?

Renewable energy projects are crucial for a sustainable energy future in Bangladesh, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

When is the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant expected to be operational?

The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is under construction and is expected to be operational in the near future.

How does Bangladesh ensure a stable power supply to its citizens?

Bangladesh achieves a stable power supply through a diverse mix of power generation sources, including gas, coal, renewable energy, hydroelectric, and nuclear power plants.

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